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Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

Primary Advising Topics: Social enterprises; Startups; Innovation; Progressive Work Culture

Additional Advising Topics: Leadership Development; Strategy

Primary Area of Expertise:  Consumer Foods; Sustainable Energy

David Barash is currently the Director of New Ventures for Vermont Energy Investment Corporation and has 35 years of startup and leadership experience with and in social mission driven businesses.

Beth Sachs co-founded the non-profit Vermont Energy Investment Corporation in 1986 and was its Executive Director until 2008, during which time it grew from two to 170 people. In her current role as Founder, she fosters stewardship of the mission and values of VEIC in the workplace and in the community. She’s been involved in sustainable energy work for more than 40 years, and her commitment to social justice has and always will drive that environmental work.

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Round Table Companies

Primary Advising Topics: Purpose

Additional Advising Topics: Book Writing

Primary Area of Expertise:  Storytelling

Corey Blake is the founder and CEO of Round Table Companies (RTC), a creative agency using storytelling to drive personal and organizational identity shift, culture change, and dynamic marketing. Corey was a professional actor in Los Angeles prior to starting RTC and starred in one of the 50 best superbowl commercials of all time. He has studied at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland and the Stagen Leadership Academy, and recently gave his first TEDx talk on Vulnerability.

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Allen Bromberger

Perlman & Perlman

Primary Advising Topics: Legal

Primary Area of Expertise:  Social Enterprise/Hybrids

Allen Bromberger, a nationally known wizard on social enterprise law, offers broad experience with all aspects of starting and growing a social enterprise, including legal information, finance, governance, licensing, employment, contracts, real estate and exits. He speaks nonprofit, for-profit, hybrids, B Corps, L3C, etc. 

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Elizabeth Crook

Orchard Advisors

Primary Advising Topics: Strategic Thinking for Business and Personal Issues

Additional Advising Topics:  Decision-making, Conflict resolution

Primary Area of Expertise: Professional services, manufacturing, construction, technology, real estate

Elizabeth Crook, CEO of Orchard Advisors, is a business strategist helping companies grow their bottom lines and find greater satisfaction. She is the person leaders call for those "what do we do now" moments Creative and practical, she is long time-member, speaker and advisor to SVN and many SVN companies. In addition to strategic planning for growing companies she also does personal strategic planning. Her book Live Large - The Achiever's Guide to What's Next Will, will be released spring 2017.

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Kavita Dolan

Perlman & Perlman

Primary Advising Topics: Legal Expertise

Primary Area of Expertise:  Legal

Kavita Dolan has practiced corporate law for nearly 20 years.  She is experienced in corporate matters including securities offerings, private placements, mergers and acquisitions, governance issues and transactional matters.  Her current practice focuses on social enterprise – creating legal structures and arrangements that allow for both economic and social enrichment including helping clients access capital markets, establish joint ventures between for profit corporations and nonprofit organizations, and structure socially responsible investments.   Having spent several years on the boards of nonprofits, she appreciates the needs and concerns of nonprofit clients. 

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evox Television

Primary Advising Topics: Partner and Staff Challenges, Lean Startups, Slow Grow or Fast Scale Options

Additional Advising Topics: Leveraging your current network, Leadership Development

Primary Area of Expertise:  Software, eCom, New Media

Xav Dubois seeks unique ways to inspire individuals to action. He works with leaders to recognize that personal daily choices, and the way we relate to ourselves and to one another, create greater opportunities for social, cultural, and organizational change.  As a senior consultant for KSG Consulting Group, Mr. Dubois works with For-Profit, Nonprofit and Government Agencies to support Change Management and Staff Empowerment. 

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EMMA Hill & Jemma Blaylock

kibikibi Partners

Primary Advising Topics: Growing a balanced customer pipeline

Additional Advising Topics: Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Investor Relations, Commercial Planning

Primary Area of Expertise:  Clean Technology and Global Consumer Markets

Kibikibi intelligently connect early stage companies and large businesses in order to accelerate the success of innovation in significant and established markets. Working collaboratively across these groups results in real environmental and fiscal impact. We bring value to our clients by leveraging our expertise and extensive global experience in Product Management, Sales, Marketing, Financial Planning and Impact Measurement to ensure they can generate a compelling customer pipeline and are always investor ready.

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Primary Advising Topics: How to make your nonprofit a social enterprise

Additional Advising Topics: Nonprofit fundraising

Primary Area of Expertise:  Prison reentry and electronic recycling.

Gregg Keesling is an Indiana “Hoosier”, with a pronounced streak of Jamaican influence. In 1977 he embarked on a trip to Negril, Jamaica that turned into a Jamaican sojourn of 20 years.
Keesling returned to Indianapolis in 1996 and created the alternative-staffing company, Keys to Work. In 2005 in response to the growing incarceration problem he started the social enterprise, RecycleForce, an electronic recycler which employs individuals coming home from incarceration.

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Mac McCabe

Sustainable Business Consultant

Primary Advising Topics: Entrepreneurial and Startup Management

Additional Advising Topics:  Financial Forecasting 

Primary Area of Expertise: Consumer Products 

Mac McCabe has been a consultant and entrepreneur since 1989. He specializes in hands-on advising to early-stage and expanding mission-driven entrepreneurs and has worked with about two dozen SVN companies. Mac has been interim CEO of several businesses including Northeast Cooperatives, Eileen Fisher, and the Greyston Bakery. Mac was the co-founder (with Gary Hirshberg of Stonyfield Farm) and CEO of O’Naturals, the first organic/natural quick service restaurant chain. Mac has lived for years with his wife on the coast of Maine.

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Anne O'Connor

Organic Valley

Primary Advising Topics: Leadership Development

Additional Advising Topics: Women's Leadership, Organic Development, Cooperative Structure 

Primary Area of Expertise: Organic Agriculture & Leadership Development

Anne O'Connor is the Director of Public Affairs at Organic Valley, the country's largest organic, farmer-owned cooperative. Anne leads the cooperative's communications, the extensive giving program, and educational events across the country.

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Teresa Pahl

Hanson Bridgett

Primary Advising Topics: Legal

Primary Area of Expertise:  Legal

Teresa Pahl, a partner in the corporate group of the law firm Hanson Bridgett LLP, represents emerging growth companies to large established public companies. She also works with private equity and venture capital funds and their portfolio companies. Teresa's practice focuses on strategic legal planning for a scalable corporate infrastructure that ensures sustained growth. She has helped to form, finance and advise hundreds of businesses in a wide variety of industries. Teresa handles mergers and acquisitions, recapitalizations, credit finance and entity formation and counseling.

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Jill Portman

Shake It Up Brands!

Primary Advising Topics: Food and beverage branding and distribution into foodservice

Primary Area of Expertise:  Food and Beverage Products

Jill Portman is the co-founder of Mighty Leaf Tea, which was acquired by Peet’s Coffee in 2014. Her leadership played an instrumental role in the company’s rapid growth and global expansion. In fact, Mighty Leaf Tea was named one of the fastest growing companies by Inc. Magazine in 2005.  She is currently the founder and CEO of Shake It Up Brands!, an advisory business supporting woman/minority owned, healthy food and beverage brands, at early stage, by driving their business into foodservice distribution.
Jill is also launching her next venture that transforms the way consumers eat hot food. This product is at the crossroads of technology and food delivering portable, craveable, nutrient rich snacks and meals in our patented, safe, 100% natural, disposable self-heating packaging. Our goals will leverage the success of this venture into a non -profit structure supporting food insecurity globally.

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McCarter & English

Primary Advising Topics: Legal 

Additional Advising Topics: Corporate Formation, Financing, Intellectual Property

Primary Area of Expertise: Impact Investing; Food and Beverage; Technology; Traditional Manufacturing

Andrew Richards is a corporate lawyer advising businesses and investors on financing matters, entity formation and governance and intellectual property matters, with an extensive involvement with impact investing.

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Carol Sanford

The Regenerative Business Summit

Primary Advising Topics: Scaling a Company, Regenerative Work Design

Additional Advising Topics: Strategic Thinking, Work Design, Developing Talent

Primary Area of Expertise:  Extensive experience in food, shelter, fashion/design, technology, consumer products, chemicals, agriculture across all functions – 40 years

Carol Sanford specializes in: Education to Fortune 500 executives and Entrepreneurs for 40 years. e.g. Seventh Generation CEO, Google; business redesign & growth, work system and human development to makes democracy work. 3 award winning books, Lifetime achievement award Trustworthy Business Behavior; Founder, The Regenerative Business, UW Bothell Exec Ed; The Regenerative Business Summit.

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Renewal Funds

Primary Advising Topics: Strategy

Additional Advising Topics: Integrated Capital for Social Change

Primary Area of Expertise:  Mission Venture Capital

Joel Solomon is the Chair of Renewal Funds. RSF, Senior Advisor. Hollyhock, Chair. Co-Founding SVN member. Advisor to capital deployment of money for long term social change. Vancouver, Canada. Nashville.  My book "The Clean Money Revolution" coming May, 2017.

Availability: Contact for availability.  Please do not call prior to the event.


Alice Tepper-Marlin

Social Accountability International

Primary Advising Topics: Supply chain management

Additional Advising Topics: Providing decent work conditions

Primary Area of Expertise:  Supply chain management

Alice Tepper Marlin is the President and Founder of Social Accountability International. She has held this position since 1997, upon the founding of SAI. Ms. Tepper Marlin has received numerous awards (e.g. 2010 Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior by Trust Across America, Adweek and Mademoiselle Woman of the Year, Japan Society Fellow, Ashoka, Right Livelihood Award, Wellesley college Alumna of the Year), been profiled in various newspapers and magazines around the world (e.g. New York Times, People, Time, Le Monde) and has also been interviewed on numerous television and radio programs (e.g. Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN).

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Michael Whelchel

Big Path Capital

Primary Advising Topics: Exit Strategy and Capital Raises

Additional Advising Topics: Protecting Mission through Key Financial Transactions

Primary Area of Expertise: Investment Banking

Michael Whelchel established Big Path Capital in 2007 to advance an expansive economy built on natural, social, and financial capital. Leveraging one of the largest networks of Impact Investors globally, Big Path Capital assists purpose-driven companies and funds ensuring mission preservation across financial transactions, including acquisitions, mergers, and capital raises.

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