Conference Schedule is subject to change as subject matter evolves


1:15-1:30       Opening Remarks

A welcome intro and outline of the conference experience.

Ted Ning – Social Venture Network

1:30-3:00       Setting Yourself Up For An Extraordinary Conference!

This session will set each of us up to participate FULLY in the conference. Meet and engage with others who have come to support you in dealing with the inevitable issues and growth opportunities we all face when building extraordinary mission-driven businesses.

Xav Dubois - evox OmniMedia

3:00-3:30       Never Retire: What's an SVN Old-timer up to in Philly 

Judy welcomes SVN to her place, the city of Philadelphia, and tells us about her projects to build a sustainable local economy. These include the White Dog Cafe, the original Urban Outfitters, Fair Food, the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia, and BALLE. Her current focus is an impact investment project called the Circle of Aunts and Uncles and a Chester redevelopment project, which SVN will tour on Saturday.

Judy Wicks - Entrepreneur, Author

3:30-4:30       A Framework for Creative Disruption

In improv jazz combo, each player performs at the top of their game, building a flow of music out of potential chaos -- by listening hard to one another and embracing mistakes. Hear how music producer Hank Shocklee hears pattern recognition and how professor Natalie Nixon lays out rules of such “chaordic” systems, flirting between order and chaos, and shows how you can borrow from great players to boost your own creative flow.

Dr. Natalie Nixon – Strategic Design MBA at Philadelphia University

Hank Shocklee -  Shocklee Entertainment

Moderator: Ted Ning, Social Venture Network

5:00-6:00       Networking Reception

6:00- 7:30      Dinner

7:30-8:30       Opening Session Exercise Continued

The continuance of sharing and meeting people as all have wisdom to share, all seeking answers to challenges through facilitated discussions.

Xav Dubois - evox OmniMedia     



7:30-8:15          Morning Yoga

Start your morning off with a fun flow of Sun Salutes and standing postures that are skillfully sequenced to help you wake up, reconnect, and feel great. Modifications are used to individualize the practice for each student. The smooth, continuous practice deepens breathing, increases strength and endurance, and will help test the edge of your balance and flexibility.

Jocelyn Levy - Wee Yogis

8:30-9:30          Breakfast

9:20-9:30          Morning Intro

Ted Ning - Social Venture Network

9:30-10:30       True Confessions of Founders

Three successful social entrepreneurs open up to share their stories of ups and down on their roads of entrepreneurship. Hear how they handled challenges, dealt with pivots and growth issues while keeping to their social mission.

Mandy Cabot -  Dansko

Seth Goldman - Honest Tea, Beyond Meat

Paul Polizotto - CBS EcoMedia

Moderator: Meghan French Dunbar - Conscious Company Magazine

10:30-11:00     What Makes a Great Work Culture

Hear data insights shared from Best Workplaces indicating that all size companies can help every employee feel they make a difference at work and get great business results. Learn how providing a Sense of Purpose and key steps for Innovation Readiness are key to mobilizing a strong workplace foundation.

Kim Peters - Great Places to Work

11:00-11:30     Networking Break & Expo

11:30-11:45     The Crossroads of Profit and Philanthropy

Social Consumerism creates a win-win-win model, which means the consumers get their needs met, the business achieves profitability and a social issue gets solved.

Andre Angel - Tango Tab

11:45-12:00     Empowering Your Voice and the Voice of Youth

How does one develop their story telling capabilities? How does one start, grow and maintain the connection to their power source? As business leaders we are all interested in hearing and sharing our stories. Hear how young people are being taught how to use their voices, cultivate personal and social transformation through the power of spoken word.

Gregory Corbin - Philly Youth Poetry Movement

12:00-1:45       Table Topic Lunch

                Private Investor Roundtable Lunch 

1:45-2:45         Fishbowl Entrepreneur Pitch

Witness entrepreneurs present to an investor panel that provides feedback and offer your own suggestions to enhance the growth and impact of their companies.

Nancy Rosenzweig - Big Path Capital

Steven Salsberg - Access Capital Advisors

Frank Golbeck -  Golden Coast Mead

Susanne Brose - Fresh Kids

2:45-3:15         Networking Break & Expo

3:15-4:15         Breakout Sessions

A.   Enlightened Negotiation Workshop

Learn to create a culture of engagement, habits of established confidence and sources of creativity for problem solving using a unique approach that helps you to reach agreement effectively and efficiently. Embrace the basic universal principles revered by many wisdom traditions to transcend the competitive model and tap the natural power of our innate desire as human beings to connect, create, and prosper.

Dr. Mehrad Nazari – EnlightenedNegotiation

 B.     Strategies of Making a Difference in Challenging Times

In the face of daunting and dynamic social challenges and an environmental crisis, learn how to shift your thinking about what you and your organization can achieve. Learn how to break four enduring myths and dodge outmoded approaches of strategy and planning to solve challenges. This approach is designed for organizations small and large, and easily self-implementable.

Mike Rowlands - Junxion

4:30-6:00          Intergenerational Circles

These interactive sessions are designed to enable attendees to connect on a personal level and help support each other as leaders. Everyone will have an opportunity to share an experience and offer reflections or support to one another in a small group setting.

Women’s Circle - Lori Darley - Conscious Leaders & Elizabeth Crook - Green Orchard Advisors

Men’s Circle - Jared Levy - We Are Guru & Laury Hammel, Longfellow Clubs

Mixed Circle - Corey Kupfer - Authentic Enterprises & Kupfer & Associates, PLLC

6:00-7:30          Products & Services Expo/Reception

7:30-8:45          Dinner   

8:45-9:00         Artist in Residence - Slam Poetry Performance

Gregory Corbin - Philadelphia Youth Poetry Movement



7:30-8:15           Yoga

This morning mindfulness practice will include self-inquiry and exploration to cultivate awareness of the present moment.  We use different meditation techniques including: conscious relaxation, awareness of the body, the breath, emotions and thought.  Class will incorporate basic restorative stretches to transition us into our seated and laying down mindfulness session.  Wear comfortable clothing. 

Jocelyn Levy - Wee Yogis

8:30-9:30           Breakfast

9:15-9:25           Morning Intro

Ted Ning - Social Venture Network

9:25-9:30           Welcome

Amy Beck - RSF Social Finance

9:30-9:50           Are You Safe? Creating a Conscious Secure Life

Learn a new narrative on safety and security from the inside out. This innovative insight into security helps people to reframe their relationship with personal safety and confidently set boundaries, ask for what they want, and increase confidence in decision making.

Jessica Robinson - PurePoint International

10:00-10:30The Role of the Consumer in Social Impact and Behavioral Change

As the market for conscious capitalism continues to evolve, what is the real role of social impact in consumers’ minds? Gain insights on the changes in consumer concern among social issues over the past decade, the true value of social and environmental impact, what consumers represent optimal targets, barriers to behavior change and more.

Steve French - NMI Solutions

10:30-11:00      Networking Break & Expo

11:00-11:30      A Story of Human Value

A story of a social entrepreneur whose career is based on telling the stories of major brands applies a message of diversity through her own journey as a parent with her son.  Her journey of supporting him inspires and instructs in how we can transform our own stories and language to realize the powerful potential beyond labels, of those we serve.

MaryAnne Howland - IBIS Communications

11:45-12:45      Breakout Sessions

A.  Demonstrating & Measuring Company Impact

Impact has a variety of definitions, scope and scale. These entrepreneurs share how their companies are dedicated to provide leadership in developing a great place to work and impacts in various communities while providing great products and services. They will share their initiatives and challenges as they take a unique approach to business.

Gabriel Mandujano - Washcycle

Rebecca Hamilton - W.S Badger Company

Moderator: Charlie CrystleThe Lancaster Food Company

B.  Shared Leadership: Exploring a New Paradigm of Leadership

Transition from a paradigm of profit-over-people, roles-over-relationships and separations-over systems thinking and learn how to identify the foundations of the Shared Leadership Framework versus the traditional “boss” model of hierarchical leadership. You will model a process by embodying a “jazz ensemble” flow that brings all voices and perspectives into our co-created conversation and practice together.

Lori Hanau - Global Round Table Leadership

Jodi Clark - Global Round Table Leadership

1:00-2:30          Lunch    

                 Private Innovation Entrepreneur Lunch

2:15-3:30          Future SVN Announcements

Hear the Board’s vision for SVN and feedback from members as we enter a new era and prepare to celebrate our 30th anniversary year. Learn more about how we can all participate in developing SVN’s future together.

Ted Ning – Social Venture Network & SVN Board

Robert Foster - SVN Board

Lori Hanau - SVN Board

Kavita Dolan - SVN Board

3:30-4:00         Break

4:00-5:00         The Future of the Political Economy

As we are on the cusp of the presidential election, this session will assess what the results will mean to sustainable, forward thinking businesses. What priorities can we expect federal and state policymakers to pursue in 2017? Hear possible scenarios in Congress and state legislatures with either a Clinton or Trump administration.

David Levine - American Sustainable Business Council

Uri Berliner – National Public Radio

Rep. Leanne Krueger-Braneky - PA State House Representative

Dr. Gabriela D. Lemus - Progressive Congress

5:00-5:30        Business in the Age of Populism  

Social impact capitalism is a key component in solving current societal problems. Learn how we can be a part of the ongoing conversation of opportunity and success for better communities despite enormous frustrations expressed about our current economic and political system.

Jeremy Nowak - J. Nowak and Associates

5:30-6:30          Reception

6:30-8:00          Dinner & Auction

8:00-9:00          After Party and Band



7:30-8:30           Breakfast

8:30-9:30           Closing Circle

Corey Blake - Round Table Companies

Sharon Rowe - Eco-Bag Products

10:00-1:00        Tour of Chester Neighborhood Development Project

Chester City is one of the nation’s showcase intercity transformations. Hear local artist Devon Walls share his vision for the city and discuss his work with various resources (including SVN members Ben Cohen, Judy Wicks, and Chuck Lacey) to transform vacant buildings into a performing arts center, studio spaces, apartments, galleries, and eateries. Join him for a tour, lunch, a short live performance, and discussions with SVN partners, including Judy and Chuck, who will share what they have learned (so far) about bringing resources and investment across racial and cultural divisions into the Chester community. Space limited  -  SIGN UP HERE

10:00-2:00        1:1 Advisory Integration with Net Impact Conference

Net Impact invites SVN members to participate in a pilot career-advising program, 1:1 Career Conversations, taking place at the 2016 Net Impact Conference. Sign up to be an Advisor at NI16 and become an invaluable resource for passionate young people excited to jumpstart their careers in social impact. In exchange for your time, Net Impact is offering SVN participants an exclusive Saturday-only pass to the NI16.  You must sign up by October 21st to take advantage of this opportunity and participate in NI16.   CLOSED