In an effort to minimize its environmental impact, the SVN 2016 Fall Conference event planning process is guided by Three Squares Inc.’s sustainable event policy which is compliant with the international standard, ISO20121. This standard was popularized by the 2012 London Olympics and requires that event organizers consider the impact of all event related activities within the areas of energy and water efficiency, carbon emissions, event waste, as well as sustainable catering, decor and event supplies.


We take into account the hotel’s current sustainability initiatives including fair wage labor practices, local and sustainable food sourcing, composting, recycling, waste diversion, energy/water savings and green building practices.

Sponsor Waste - We require sponsors to market themselves in ways that use minimal disposables and plastics, sweatshop labor, virgin tree-paper or excessive packaging.

Food and Product Donations - Reusable food and remaining product samples leftover from SVN Conferences are donated to local food banks and homeless shelters.

Printing - We utilize digital soft copy (where possible) rather than print material to communicate with conference participants. When items are printed, we print on tree-free or recycled papers with non-toxic inks. From badges and brochures to letterhead and envelopes, SVN is a tree-friendly organization.

Waste Reduction Education – Ensure that minimum waste enters the waste stream by emphasizing to attendees, vendors and sponsors the value of reducing and reusing.

Merchandise - Communicate with vendors, sponsors and hotel staff that all merchandise for SVN must be created with responsible materials and products and must be manufactured in an environmentally responsible fashion and without the use of sweatshop labor. Local resources to be used wherever possible.

Attendee Outreach - We encourage attendees to participate in this sustainability mission through their actions at the event.

Community Engagement - Develop programs that features local thought leaders and meals in local restaurants to promote the local economy.

Inclusiveness – We look to be more open for participation through our Bridge Initiative that provides opportunities for entrepreneurs of color and women and our Innovation Entrepreneur program that provides access for smaller companies that do not meet our member requirements.

Tours/ Volunteering – we offer tours of local member businesses, as well as volunteer opportunities for attendees to participate, learn and give back.


Starwood Hotels & Resorts is committed to making a difference in their communities with company-wide energy, emissions, and water usage reduction goals. They encourage guests to join these efforts through:

  • A linen reuse incentive program;
  • Recycling stations placed throughout the venue and guest rooms; and,
  • Educational signage about energy and water conservation.